VoIP Softswitch

VoIP Softswitch based Billing server

For IP and PSTN networks an innovative web based VoIP Softswitch billing server is introduced named Dial Gate. Once this server is installed, it starts connecting call within the same network on different phone lines. This software put forward other features of management features like monitoring, billing, invoice schedule and subscriptions of calls.
This software is efficient enough to exchange information and works well with phones other communication equipments. Dial Gate integrates and works efficiently
Interoperable with the industry’s leading gateways, phones & equipment, Dial Gate easily integrates within the network. Its flexible architecture support NAT/firewall. Its highly scalable and due to its mounting vast line of options it helps to generate a quick return on investment. It includes following features:

VoIP Call managing & map-reading:

It is smart enough and get easily tie up with wide range of competitive VoIP services which are mobile and residential phones and wholesale.

Impartial Billing:

It has integrated billing proposal which allows services and supplier create series of services and lots of clients. Along with this it is also providing automated invoicing and multiple payment options as well.

Advanced Monitoring:

This software provide features using which management burden can be reduce as it provides a good monitoring and reporting attribute.