Cognuitive Solutions Inc is a technology distribution and marketing company that deals in hi-tech solutions for the enterprise. We strive to provide your business with the essential & latest technology that it needs to prosper, and edge out ahead of your competition. Whether you are looking for an improvement in your business’ communication, data security, or productivity, we are there to help you. As per our guiding principal, ‘Cognitive Intuitive Innovation’, we only deal in the Intuitive technology that actually make a difference on the floor, and help you expand your bottom line.

The team behind Cognuitive Solutions Inc has a combined experience of 15 years in designing, developing, deploying hi-tech solutions for enterprises all across the globe.

Our Vision

             “To become the leading technology enabler, innovator, and distributor in North America, South East Asia, and Mid East region by 2020.”

Our Mission

“To facilitate our customers with unique, innovative, and cutting edge solutions for business communication, productivity, and security, with a pledge to maintain the highest level of service quality.”



We conduct the business, serve the customers, and make our profits with utmost integrity. Any business proposition or customer service situation, compromising integrity shall not be entertained.


Each and every one of our endeavor, project, product, and solution is founded in innovative thinking, design, and application. We are not interested in carrying out run-of-the-mill work.

Employee Empowerment

Employees shall be empowered to make decisions independently in the best interest of the project / solution, and to further their careers as they choose.

Commitment to Quality

Commitment to Quality shall be the ‘sum total’ of our interaction with our clients, projects execution, and provision of services to them. Even a single case of a lack of commitment shall not be acceptable.


We nourish the creative instincts of our team members, and appreciate the creativity play out in solutions big and small.