Small and medium enterprise solution for fresh enterprise business.
For small and medium size enterprises software is designed named dial-office IP-PBX software solution which is flexible and rich in features. It is beneficial for those who have new start-ups and interested to take optimal benefit of Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) technology. IP-PBX come with new and advanced features which were previously available for circuit-switched enterprise telephone system which were too costly but now everybody enjoy those advance phone features at cheap rates because of IP-PBX software solution which is based on SIP standard platform.
This award winning software solution is capable of providing reliable, low-cost unified communication for small and medium-sized business with the help Local Area Network along with good quality voice and to increase productivity business management feature series is also provided by this award winning software

VoIP connections:

Dial-office is designed effectively that it is capable for supporting traditional lines and therefore the telecommunication department is trying to migrate their connections over VoIP.

Portability and communication service:

IP-PBX efficiently handle remote workers because of its portable feature like find me/ mobile convergence/ remote IP extensions. Voice messaging feature is also supported by this software.

Conference Call Service:

This software is smart enough for supporting three-way communication easily. It also supports multi-party conferencing call. This feature is the most demandable and important feature in today’s small and medium enterprise business and our IP-PBX smartly deliver this service to its users.

Statistical reports:

Call record and account logs are also generated by it and is easily exported. It assembles business information for easiness of owner so that owners can do assessment about its managerial process and make them proper if needed.